(Micro Needling Radio Frequency)

 Post-acne scarring is a very distressing problem. Acne scars are dermal depressions commonly caused by destruction of collagen after inflammatory acne. Many therapeutic measures such as chemical peeling, sub-cision, derma-brasion, fillers  have been performed to improve acne scarring but with sub-optimal outcomes alone. 

Recently, newer techniques such as micro-needling fractional radio-frequency (MFR) has been shown to be clinically efficient in managing acne scars without causing direct damage to the epidermis. MNRF is a simple, safe, effective, and minimally invasive therapeutic technique. Needles are introduced in the skin with a preselected depth. RF is delivered through these needles to heat the dermis. RF is colour blind hence can be used in any skin type safely with excellent results.

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